Section 377 – Supreme Court supports outdated, imposing era law

The Supreme Court’s knock over of the historic July 2009 decision of the Delhi High Court, which had legalized private sexual relations between consenting adults of the same sex, is, in one word, retrospective. Firmly officially, the SC’s argument that the legal authority of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code – which comprises gay sexual relations within the range of ‘unnatural sex’ and lays down harsh sentences – does not permit it to make legal such sexual relations, may be literally correct. But it appears more a case of shifting the blame to the government and Parliament in times when questions on judicial outwit have been raised. At the very least, this decision, placed next to the Delhi High Court’s 2009 one, which stressed equality, and sought to defend the rights and dignity of Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender persons, appears a jump backwards.

When, in a country like India, with its countless existing hierarchies and prejudices, marginalised citizens look for redressal against old or unkind laws, the judiciary must, preferably, present hope. Every face of law is not cast in stone, mostly features dating back to reserved, colonial times. Instead, the law develops in its model of delivering justice as human societies grow and change. Basically, this is the question of the fundamental human rights of agreeable adults, on the basis of the standard of equality and non-discrimination in the Constitution itself.

It has long been accepted, by anyone with a crucial sense, among other things, of science, human psychology and history, that homosexuality is neither unnatural nor abnormal. Harsh laws against it are by now mainly upholding of oppressive, theocratic, and under-developed states. With this verdict, the SC has, by default, put India in that category.


Love at first sight: a reality or fantasy

How many times have you dreamt of gazing across a crowded room, locking eyes with an attractive stranger and knowing instantly that you’re in love? While it does seem to work out for some, others scoff at the idea of love at first sight. Believe it or not, scientists have studied the subject, and some attribute the need to size people up quickly to learning humans.

Many believe that love at first sight is made for onscreen stories or fairytales. Chances are the feelings of instant attraction you may feel for someone who makes your heart pound at first meeting can be put down to another four-letter-word: lust.

Statistically, you would have to think the odds are against couples who meet and marry within short time frames. After all, it’s better to ‘check before you buy’ and test if you are compatible by living together first. And if you’re going to get engaged quickly, please make sure you have a long engagement first.

Although a majority of the population believes in love at first sight, not everyone falls head over heels right away. Surprisingly, women aren’t always the romantics in this love equation: One study found men experience love at first sight more often than women. Researchers think that’s because men respond to physical cues more readily than women and women tend to develop trust more gradually than men. And people might be more inclined to believe in love at first sight when they’re younger or probably in their teens.

It also happens to people who are less inhibited, more open to chance. If we consciously look for love, we’re less likely to find it. Instead we need to cultivate a genuine feeling of being available without necessarily wanting anything to happen.

Though people tend to make their love story as much a part of the movies they watched, it is still unclear how often love at first sight turns into a successful partnership. A suvey found only about 10 percent of people say their long-term relationships began that way. While people can be instantly attracted to each other, some scientists say being in love means really getting to know someone over time.

Tarun Tejpal arrested by Goa Police

Just in: Tarun Tejpal has been arrested by the Goa police after the certfied copy ofcourt order rejecting his bail plea was obtained by the police.

Tejpal will undergo a medical check up at Goa Medical College and will be kept at Panjim police station, which is the headquarter of Goa Police for tonight.

Tomorrow, hearing on the number of days he will spend in police custody will proceed in court.

Tarun Tejpal’s bail plea rejected

Tehelka founder and former editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal’s anticipatory bail plea has been rejected in the infamous Tehelka rape case by the Goa session court.

The arguments in the case were ongoing since yesterday. It took a whole day for the judge to deny him bail after hearing the prosecution and defence.

Tejpal will be taken back to the Dona Paula crime branch in Goa from the Goa session court premises. He now faces arrest.

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Tejpal leaves for Goa, spotted at Delhi Airport

Yesterda, Tejpal made his first public appearance after the case had come to light when he reached Delhi airport to catch a Goa bound flight for joining the court proceedings. His lawyer had demanded time from the court for his appearnace in the court in the case. He had addressed the media briefly there.

Today, he briefed media twice in the day.

Special: Tehelka victim issues statement: This is litmus test for the new law; Read Full Text

After arrest, Tejpal will be interrogated by the Goa police. Prosecution had sought 14 day custody from the court. They had demanded a custodian interrogation in the case saying it was a sensitive matter.

With the rejection of anticipatory bail plea, Tejpal’s free run ends.

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Shoma Choudhury resigns from Tehelka

Many promotions direct individuals to posts beyond capability!

Invented by Dr Laurence J Peter and Raymond Hull in their eponymous 1969 book, the Peter Principle is based on the principle that persons climb to their own levels of ineptitude when they get promoted to positions of power. As professionals carry on doing good work, they will go on being promoted.

The belief is on the basis of the observation that incessant promotions will ultimately lead folks to a position ahead of their capability and proficiency. And as they become incompetent and inept in the role they are not suitable for, they are not capable to go any further.

For instance…

For instance, an IT professional might be best at coding, but could lack the significant people skills required to be an executive. If the organisation promotes him or her to the post of executive, it would make him or her inept.

Where is this belief appropriate?

The principle is relevant at both mid and senior ranks, but starts coming into play at the mid-level with a rise in years of experience and increase in roles.

Which companies use this to measure employee performance?

The principle presumes significance at the time of appraisals and re-skilling professionals. While organisation do not candidly make obvious the principle when judging workers, the evaluation systems that most organisations have in place today are tools to review the capability of professionals to move ahead to the next level and are thus, intended at warding off incompetence and incapability.

Holiday planning: Preparing someone’s dream vacation

I love travelling. Every small opportunity and I pack my bags and escape from the noise and dirt of city life. I also keep every record of my vacation including a travelogue.

Recently I received a job offer on my e-mail. A leading holiday website had read my blogs and wanted to me to work as a vacation planner for them.

The job description that followed was very exciting.

Holiday planning or vacation planning is like creating an itinerary for your friends. You become responsible for choosing their travel mode to their accommodation and the places which will give them memories to cherish. Of course, you will have to understand the client’s requirements and budget.

You need not be a super intelligent person for this job, you do not need to have specialty of any kind, and you also do not need to go to office! This peculiar work-from-home condition makes it a job for anyone. You could be a college student, a mom or an elderly.

The skill set that you require are very simple. You should have excellent communication skills as you would be directly talking to the client. You should have travelled a lot and must know about the special features of a place. You should be smart because creating a dream vacation package in budget requires smartmess. In other words, your GK should be strong. You should understand the basic spending economics as you design the whole package for the client.

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Know a foreign language? Teach!

We are living in a globalized world where knowledge of a foreign language on the resume is considered to be the ticket to a job. More and more students are opting for language courses which have increased the demand for language teachers.

Language teachers work in a variety of educational ­establishments — from schools to ­universities and colleges. If you are a language graduate and have interest in teaching, you can teach in private institutions for starters. Schools too are hiring Language teachers for which you need B.Ed in addition to language knowledge. For becoming a lecturer in university, you will need NET elegibility.

A ­language teacher should know everything about the culture, ­society, history of the country and the people whose language he/she is teaching. In other words, a foreign language ­cannot be taught effectively without imparting the ­socio-cultural and ­historical aspects of the language concerned. Moreover, a ­language teacher should not only understand the level, aptitude, need and requirement of the learners but also he/she should be familiar with various foreign language ­teaching ­methodologies, tools and methods of teaching.

Increasing ­globalisation has created a need for people who can ­communicate in multiple ­languages, thus the demand for language experts is very high. Work as translators or foreign embassy jobs can be lucrative options and also allow you to work with interesting people.

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Affordable Indulgence

Indulgence comes with a price, quite literally. Think about this. What all do you associate with indulgence? When you are really tired and worked up, all you wish for is a relaxing therapy or massage at an upmarket spa. If you are feeling a bit let down or sad, many of you go out and shop for some expensive things on your wishlist, or treat yourself to your favourite dessert at a posh restaurant in town. We seek indulgence to feel better because it gives a sense of happiness and achievement when you are able to spend on yourself.

There are times when you really want to blow a lot of money on yourself, but there are those as well when you feel like indulging and your pocket doesn’t support. And if it’s food that you are looking for, we have a solution. Nachos with a dollop of cream, strawberries and chocolate. Sounds yummy! Why don’t you also call some friends over, clink a few wine glasses and enjoy the pleasures of affordable indulgence over this weekend. On second thoughts, if you were already planning to throw a house party, our recipe can prove to be crowd winning.

It’s best if you make the whipped cream at home because it will taste fresher and better than the store bought one. Keep a metal whisk and mixing bowl into the freezer for ten minutes. Pour one cup of heavy whipping cream and two teaspoonful of sugar into the bowl and whisk until the scream develops a stiff peak.

Get your hands on a packet of plain nachos, without any flavour. Spread them on a platter and top each with a spoonful of whipped cream. Chop a bunch of strawberries into small chunks and place a few on each, over the cream. Break a bar of chocolate into a microwavable bowl and spin in the oven for the few minutes until the chocolate completely melts. Drizzle over the nachos and savour. Bon appetit!


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How to adjust with your roomies?

If you’re planning to move in with a friend, colleague or a total stranger, there are certain rules to follow in order to get along like a house on fire with your roomie. You may be the best of friends, but when it comes to living together on an everyday basis, dimensions can change, and how! We tell you some ways to adjust with your roommate(s). Read on!


Bathroom sessions:
Some people take an hour under the shower, while some get done in a jiffy. You have to have a frank discussion about your bathroom sessions, especially if you have a single loo-bathroom combo. In fact, most folks fight over keeping the toilet seat and wet floors. So make sure to keep everything neat for your roomie. Being a bit considerate will help you earn brownie points with them.

Dishwasher duties:
Sharing a room is not different from marriage as both (or all) of you have to pool in and share the chores so that there’s no issue at home. You can do dishes on alternate days or on morning/evening basis. This way, both of you would be contributing towards house duties.

When folks come over:
If you’re aware that your roomie’s family is coming over, it’s best to give them privacy. Make sure that you have a friend you can crash with for the night. This way, when your folks come over, your roomie will try to scoot too! If you don’t have anywhere to go, just be polite and friendly with the family and stay put in your room.

Monthly supplies:
Managing your finanes is of utmost importance as it can ruin relationships quicker than any thing. Draw up a budget and pool in accordingly, so that both of you are spending equally on the supplies. This hold true for the rend, electricity bill and other finances as well.

Foods and drinks:
Be a good roomie by not finishing the last of the milk or eating up all the eggs in the fridge. Keep some for your roommmate and always ask them before going on an eating spree.

Tips to handle profession changeover

It’s certainly not painless to come out of the comfort zone of an active profession and jump into something entirely new. The elder you get and the upper you scale on the career stepladder, the more worrying it may get to make that change.

Nonetheless, a profession switch, if managed the correct way, can be just the right ticket to a new lease of professional life.

1) Take stock of preferences

Do introspection before making the jump. Pen down all your skills and capabilities plus the challenges you expect in the new career. Classify how your prior understanding can balance your new job.

2) Be confident to take a risk

Your preferences keep varying, so you may have to do a route alteration. Don’t be afraid to experiment. A lot of people are hesitant of taking risks but nothing in life is zero risk. If you are at a phase in your life when you are not in a situation to take that risk, put off your decision. But never let it tighten you.

3) Keep a back-up plan ready

What is your back-up preparation? How will you deal with things if your new profession doesn’t turn out well for you? Your courage and determination levels will be a lot higher if you have a back-up plan ready.

4) Plan your funds well

In some instances, a career changeover might engage a decrease in earnings and a resultant strike on funds. That’s why you need to think of future about how to manage your family responsibilities, EMIs and other costs.

It could mean trimming down on your extravagances; plummeting into your savings or some other avenue.

5) Develop your abilities

Grow new skills and abilities that are necessary for the career switch over. Take an online course or read up as much as you can about your new profession selection.

Obtain all the skills, facts and information probable about the new field before jumping into it. Do your groundwork well.

Dear Rahul, high time you end the nonsense

Rahul Gandhi was in the heat of the moment when he was slamming BJP in his Madhya Pradesh rally. He charged the opposition party of being communal and starting fire across the country.

Of late he had been relying on the emotional stories of his family to bring the public to tears hoping them to convert into votes. But Thursday was different. In Indore, he raised the issue of education, hunger and women safety.

Although he did not delve deeper in the issues and neither did he provide some solid solution, but his effort was nonetheless laudable.

But the desperation which wanted to draw the people closer to him for votes, once again, made him issue nonsensical statements.

He was accusing the ruling BJP in the state of engineering riots in Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. Delivering the same lines which he said earlier in his Churu and Alwar rallies, he claimed that the BJP was the most communal party which will start fire across the nation if it comes to power.

In that heat of the moment he claimed that Pakistani intelligence agencies have approached young Muslim men who lost members of their families in Muzaffarnagar riots.

“There are 10 to 15 such Mussalman boys whose brothers and sisters were killed in the riots and who were approached by Pakistani agencies,” he said. “The victims wish to go to Pakistan now,” he further added.

The ease with which he said these two sentences hurt the Muslims in the country. It was not only an irresponsible statement, it also showed his low political acumen. Moreover, the dangerous consequences of these statement may include fires across the country which he was accusing BJP of engineering earlier in his speech.

However, it became crystal clear that he was using Muslims of Muzaffarnagar as his vote plank.

Also, if he was aware of such a situation in place, what was he doing in order to stop this? The fact that his government is at center makes him more responsible.

Meanwhile, he drew the obvious ire of Muslim community. Muslim clerics termed his statements “most unfortunate”. Maulana Saif Abbas Naqvi, a prominent Shia cleric, said such statements not only painted the Muslim community in bad light but also strengthened the communal forces.

He said these were a “grave insinuation” on millions of peace loving and patriotic Muslims in the country. He also alleged that instead of understanding the plight and pain of the riot victims, the Gandhi scion was playing politics with the communal riots and the victims.

Rahul also mentioned an alleged WikiLeaks revelation about a US diplomat who had claimed that a senior BJP leader had told him that “Hindu nationalism” was an opportunistic slogan raised during elections, only to forgotten later. Though, did not mention any names.

Last time we checked, Rahul Gandhi himself was a part of those WikiLeaks wires where he had indulged himself in a casual conversation at a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He had said, “Although there was evidence of some support for Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”

Since it has become a trademark of his now to speak about personal matters, he also mentioned his relation with his father. “He was my hero,” Rahul said of his father Rajiv Gandhi, describing how he watched him get up early and fight his battles daily. “He became PM at 40… he was my hero, like everyone else’s.”

But it is worth mentioning that it was his father who had supported the communal clashes between Sikhs and Hindus after Indira Gandhi’s assassination while in PM office saying that “trees will fall if Earth shakes”.
Rather than accusing BJP or any other part of being communal, it will be better if Rahul checks his own party’s standards and stances. Going by the recent developments in his party and government, the fingers point more towards them when it comes to being communal than towards BJP.

Whether it be visiting the same Muzaffarnagar he used as poll plank, prime minister’s quite biased NIC speech, home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s special orders to chief ministers, or his mother Sonia Gandhi’s project Communal Violence and Targeted Violence Bill drafted by NAC, it all indicates that his party is opportunistically communal.

Since the Indian public is not so dumb as he thinks (or he is), we wish to tell Rahul, let’s cut the nonsense. We do not want to hear it anymore. Next you come to speak, please come with real issues.